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About the Memorial

The focus of the Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association is to honor all veterans who have served our nation so proudly in the past and present. The core ideal of this project is the sacrifice of the individual common citizen who has worn the uniform of the US Military and worked for the betterment of our country. This concept is the key to understanding the intricacies of the Memorial Park and its installations.

    United States Navy.  The only easy day was yesterday. United States Army. This We'll Defend United States Marine Corps.  The few. The proud
    United States Air Force.  Un Ab Alto: One Over All United States Coast Guard.  Semper Paratus: Always Ready POW-MIA.  You are not forgotten.

  • The Rotunda will utilize a five tier design. Each supporting leg will honor one of the five branches of the military with an emblem and appropriate laser imaged slogan. Centered and upon a raised platform will be a unique bronze statue we call "The Quintessential Soldier".

  • Encircling the entire park we are placing ten individual conflict memorial monuments. Each massive granite monument is attributable to a particular time frame commencing with The Revolutionary War [1776]... Here on these "hallowed" stones we will list those heroes of yesterday who have paid the supreme sacrifice in defense of our nation. They have died - that we may live.

  • MIA-POW Logo Installation called the Wall of Tears is further represented with a War Ravaged Tree symbolizing a fallen comrade or the soldier who never came home.

  • The project would also commemorate the three current Congressional Medal of Honor Winners and the recipients of the Purple Heart within Bradford County with separate installations of granite markers.

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